Christmas Introduction

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Christmas is nearly here and we are happy to enclose our Christmas Menu’s. We have
designed a menu for all, those who are looking for the ‘cheap and cheerful’ and the
party that wants to spend that little bit more ….

We are quickly running out of space so to ensure that we can accommodate you on
your preferred date, please let us know when you would like to hold your Christmas
party as soon as possible.

Our menus are cooked from fresh, however as a result of this we must ask your party
to pre-order the food so we can be sure that your party runs smoothly and the food is
served to perfection. Also with your pre order you can mix & match from both party
menus but in this case you will be charged higher party menu price.

Please complete the form below and send or fax it back to us as soon as possible. We
will contact you to discuss your party in greater detail.

We realise the amount of effort that goes into organising such events and the lack of
appreciation the organisers often get. If you book a Christmas party for 20 or more,
the ‘organiser’ can invite a guest for lunch with a bottle of house wine … on us.
We look forward to celebrating Christmas with you.

Mem & Laz

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MEM & LAZ 8 Theberton Street, Islington London N1 0QX
Tel: 020 7704 90 89 Fax: 020 7226 65 67
For emergency please call MEM on 078 999 444 66

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